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Best orchard games

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Nicpem1982 Thu 13-Jul-17 17:43:39


Need to revamp my dds game chest and wanted some recommendations for orchard games.

She has outgrown her current faves (where's my cupcake? And where do I live?) she'll be 3 in September and want to get her some new ones

Any recommendations

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OhHolyFuck Thu 13-Jul-17 17:51:09

Shopping list (plus the extension packs if you want some variety!) are a huge hit here
Second favourite is probably tummy ache

Nicpem1982 Thu 13-Jul-17 18:09:32

We have shopping list and the extension packs and have just ordered tummy ache from the entertainer , glad that tummy ache is good fun 😊

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MilkTart Thu 13-Jul-17 18:12:34

Pizza Pizza is great. And my 3 year old definitely finds the robot game more challenging than the cupcake or shopping list ones.

Nicpem1982 Thu 13-Jul-17 18:16:28

Thank you I've added them to my list she loves board games!

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Muddlingalongalone Thu 13-Jul-17 18:18:04

Bizarrely my 6 year old loves quack quack & my 2.5 year old loves bus stop

Nicpem1982 Thu 13-Jul-17 18:19:12

Bus stop is one she has a her grandmas house she seems to like it

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Firstaidnovice Thu 13-Jul-17 18:20:39

Pigs in pants is good. The telling the time one is a bit rubbish though, or maybe just because it was so similar to shopping list and crazy chefs. Any of them are better than the sodding paw patrol game I have to play every day....

Tattybogle89 Thu 13-Jul-17 18:21:52

Three little pigs one and rocket one good too

Nicpem1982 Thu 13-Jul-17 18:22:11

First - we stopped buying character games after the bloody lion guard debacle. We had to play it multiple times daily and it drove us nuts

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Waddlelikeapenguin Thu 13-Jul-17 18:25:03

Not orchard but Haba 'orchard' & super snacky squirrel are huge hits at that age.

Swearwolf Thu 13-Jul-17 18:50:58

Pirate race game is really good, it's got colour matching, memory, dice rolling, everything really!

BikeRunSki Thu 13-Jul-17 18:52:17

Incey Wincey

Shopping list - my dc still play it at 5 and 8!

Irunforcakeandfizz Thu 13-Jul-17 18:56:18

Firm favourites here with my 4 & 6 year olds are Pizza Pizza, Dotty Dinosaurs and Pop to the Shop (although this is an older (5+), I think). We also have Tell the Time (5+ again, I think) and the Games Compendium which has 4/5 games in (Snakes & Ladders, Dominoes, Lotto).

Nicpem1982 Thu 13-Jul-17 19:05:24

Some brilliant ideas thank you

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