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Has anyone bought a Silvercross Chatsworth dolls pram & had buyers remorse?

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Mummyslittledarling Sat 01-Jul-17 22:00:40

Fellow Mummy's I'd really appreciate your advice! I'm starting to plan what to get my 2 year old daughter for Christmas, by then she'll be 2 and 9 months. She loves playing with dolls & going for a walk with her pram. I've been looking around and I've fallen in love with the Silvercross Chatsworth Pram which is £350 😱 I know it's a staggering amount of money but it's THE most beautiful little pram I've looked for second hand ones but they all seem to be going for between £250-300. I'm hopeful that she'll get several years of play with the pram & then I can possibly sell it on afterwards. Has anyone bought one of these Prams and regretted it? Or how long did your child play with the pram for? What age is it suitable upto? Many thanks in advance for any replies they will be much appreciated 😀X

Afreshstartplease Sat 01-Jul-17 22:03:08

Honestly. She would probably be happy with a £30 pram. It's an obscene amount of money for a toy pram.

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