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Your opinion of fake/knock-off toys: would you buy??

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jbourke Thu 29-Jun-17 17:19:05

Hello lovely people of Mumsnet smile

I’m a blogger for a brand protection company and I’m looking for some real-world opinions on buying fake and knock-off toys, for an upcoming post. This includes things like cheaper, knock-off Lego, fake character toys like Minions and Disney characters, even fake Hatchimals and Fidget Spinners… the list is practically endless.

Fake products and the like are big business in China where consumers are typically keen on a bargain, but gradually through shopping sites like Amazon and eBay they’re filtering through to the Western world too.

What I want to know is opinions on purchasing these products - have you bought a fake before, whether intentional or not? Would you go fake to avoid the steep prices of toys despite safety risks (like these dangerous fake Frozen dolls). Also, if you knew that a brand, for example, Lego, had a problem with counterfeits - would it affect your choice to buy Lego products because of concerns?

All feedback is very much appreciated, and if you’d prefer to be named/not be named by username please do say so.


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CrazedZombie Thu 29-Jun-17 17:34:26

I have bought products that are probably fake. (Fidget spinners and fidget cubes from China)
My children are not the age to put toys in their mouth so am not worried about the materials being safe. In the case of fidget spinners, there's no official spinner brand so I don't feel like I am doing any harm importing a cheaper and more unusual style from China. The UK high street stocks toys that are often imported and I am doing the same bar requiring testing for safety but as I said above, they don't put toys in their mouth so am happy to risk things.

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