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Age guideline -- safety or suitability? Help!

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LambChopsMcGee Sun 16-Apr-17 16:18:45

I've just bought a bunch of nice wooden toys from John Lewis because grandparents gave us a voucher and I thought it'd be nice. I'm a bit nostalgic for stuff i had as a kid in part.

Anyway. Got a set of wooden blocks, stacking rings, ABC puzzle and a hammer bench,


Now when they arrived the boxes said age ranges that i didn't see online, varying from 12 month+ to 2yr+.

Do you think these are safety limits or recommendations for suitability? The ABC puzzle has the oldest label, which made me think the latter.

My DD is 7 mo and I though she'd like bashing these things about. Should I let her or put them in the cupboard for...a year or so?!

Thoughts much appreciated.

Cel982 Sun 16-Apr-17 16:20:58

They're suitability recommendations. Safety ones are usually a circle with a picture of a baby and 0-3 in it, with a line through the whole thing.

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