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Jigsaws (good quality) for 4 year old

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user1473882712 Sun 26-Feb-17 20:01:10

Hi there, after a period of having no interest my dd has started revisiting her jigsaws again, we have alot of 12, 24 & 36 piece ones that she does with ease, I bough her a couple of ELC 42 piece ones & again they are no problem & very good quality. I had to throw out alot of the Ravensburger ones we had as the pieces broke very easily.
Can you recommend good quality jigsaws, we had Orchard toy ones when dc were younger but havn't invested in their 40 piece plus ones, is the quality the same? The Djeco ones look beautiful but is the quality the same? What is the average for a 4 year old? We are going to buy a couple of 54 piece ones so that will challenge her a bit as the 42 piece ones are done easily & quickly, would that be about right for her age group (first child so noone to compare her to!)

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