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Which tablet can I get my son?

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sexymuthafunker Wed 04-Jan-17 10:48:31

So (fairly annoyingly IMO) my 7 yr old's son has his maths homework given each week on a website called Mathletics - so in order to stop him using our home computer (which I use for work) we bought him an Amazon Fire tablet for kids for xmas - he was delighted and played games on it all over xmas then when we tried to go to the maths site in order to do his homework the bloody thing doesn't support Adobe Flash and therefore he cant do his maths on there (FFS!)

So just wondering if anyone out there anyone bought an inexpensive tablet for their kids which does support Adobe Flash?? I would really appreciate some recommendations....

knaffedoff Wed 04-Jan-17 10:55:45

We found our 7 yr old still preferred doing his homework on the family pc, simply the screen was bigger and easier to see.

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