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Kindle Fire for Kids

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Horispondle Wed 30-Nov-16 15:17:14

Hi there, does anyone have multiple kindle fires? I have one already and prime is about to run out and I thought I might as well buy another one for my 2 year old, despite being too young, as I'm paying £79 for prime, I might as well pay £95 and get a new fire too? (as you get a year's free prime when you buy a fire) I'm not really getting anywhere with Amazon customer service so I was wondering if anyone else had done this?

CalleighDoodle Sun 25-Dec-16 16:51:44

I have two kindle fires. Husband has prime. I dont know the connection between the two?

CalleighDoodle Sun 25-Dec-16 16:52:35

Just realised how old this post is blush

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