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Zoomer dog?

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Florathefern Mon 14-Nov-16 01:43:09

My DD (4) has her heart set on one of these. The reviews are quite bad and they seem hard enough to get. Am I correct in thinking that they are hard to get as they were defective and possibly pulled. It looks like they have been replaced by the Zoomer Chimp. The first thing one of the reviewers said about the chimp is that they reduced the number of functions so it works better. This is not easing my mind.

The only other thing I can find is Zoomer Marshall (paw patrol toy). It doesn't look as good and I don't know if she would be disappointed to get this with its limited functionality instead of the one she has set her heart on.

Can anyone advise?

Jennylawton Mon 14-Nov-16 10:39:02

I am not sure if they have stopped making these BUT i can tell you my daughter got one for a Christmas present and her hair got stuck in the wheel as she picked it up. It kept going round and kept winding her hair up at full speed. I thought it was going to rip her hair off her head but luckily the on off button cover was opened and i very quickly turned it off.
It is a bit rubbish other than that. Battery lasts minutes and it doesn't listen and learn.

Florathefern Mon 14-Nov-16 13:10:45

Thanks Jenny. The reviews are not good at all and I'm having trouble sourcing it. If she was older, she would be more patient about charging it etc but at four, playing with it for a few minutes and then recharging it would just be a bore.

delilahbucket Thu 08-Dec-16 19:06:48

Same as Jenny, rubbish battery life and it doesn't listen. Never managed to train ds's to do anything and the novelty wore off. It's why I won't fight to buy a hatchimal.

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