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Lego Technic fans - what are the best kits for starter pieces?

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sleepyhead Tue 11-Oct-16 11:59:02

Originally posted in chat a few days ago but got no takers so giving it one more go..

Ds1 is 9, nearly 10, and really wanting to get in to building his own powered models using Lego Technic pieces and power functions.

He's good a huge stash of Lego already which includes 1000s of bricks from all sorts of sets, from Star Wars to Bionicles; a big bucket from the son of a friend which included some cogs and beams and a clockwork motor which is what got him interested in the power functions; the remains of my Lego Technic starter set that I got for my Christmas when I was 10 (almost 30 years ago...).

The power functions set is a good price on Amazon at the moment and I also found this book which looks good for teaching him the basic skills of how to make things work.

My plan for his birthday next month was to buy him a similar starter set to the one I got at that age, along with the power functions kit and the book. But... that's not the way Lego goes now. You have to buy a set that builds into something in particular and you'll presumably need several sets to eventually build up a stash of all the cogs and wheels and axles etc.

We can't afford to get a big £80 kit on top of the rest, so what are good, lower priced sets with lots of useful bits? Any ideas? Would it even be worth spending say £20 on individual Technic bits from the online shop? Or looking at bundles on eBay?

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