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Scooters / Stunt Scooters - your wisdom please!

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pantherfootballforever Sun 02-Oct-16 17:47:43

Looking for 2 (or possibly 4) scooters for DC for Christmas and have only got online to go on as nowhere in our town seems to sell anything other than the basic crappy halfords ones, but the wealth of info online is baffling (and a lot is from several years ago so maybe a bit out of date).

DS (12) wants a stunt scooter to do tricks etc on. (He describes it as a scooter version of a bmx or skateboard!) There seem to be so many options online ranging from £70-£300!!!! Happy to go to about £200 for a really decent one as he'll likely get a good few years out of it.

For DD1 (9) we just want a regular scooter but a decent quality one - i.e. not a tinny, creaky thing, but one which is smooth to scoot and decent build quality. Would like it to last a few years at least. She is average height for her age.

Possibly 2 other scooters for DTs who are 6 and still on micro minis. I like the look of the regular micros but would like to know if they are worth the money and if they really do up to age 12?!?! (By that reckoning they should do our 9yr old but I think they maybe look a little young for that age - no?)

Anyone able to offer some wisdom or advice on what to get or what to avoid?!

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jsmum Sat 15-Oct-16 13:21:17

i read quite a good review here all about stunt scooters for children.
I haven't actually bought one yet though so can't help any more than that .

acarter001 Wed 19-Oct-16 13:11:30

Hi pantherfootballforever, have loads of great scooters at a range of prices and for different ages. Have a look here -

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