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whisbear? ewan?

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Ffion3107 Thu 25-Aug-16 19:09:17

When DD was a baby, she loved yhe white noise app on our phone. However, we didn't like that the phone was close to her!
Baby due in 3 weeks and I've been looking at buying a whisbear which plaus white noise for an hour, and if baby starts crying after this, it comea back on for 20 minutes.
Does anybody have one?
I think Ewan is similar but I haven't looked.

CoffeeAndOranges Thu 25-Aug-16 19:11:31

Ewan is great (the plinky plonky harp tune is playing right now as I try and boob DS to sleep. It only goes for 20 minutes though so no good if your little one needs it on longer.

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