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Rose petal cottage - please help!

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damnyouobama Fri 10-Jun-16 18:53:34

Does anyone have the hasbro rose petal cottage and no longer need the connectors? I bought this for my kids and they have managed to break two of the connectors in less than a day (one had the bright idea of telling one of the others to climb on it....angry)

I would dearly like to fix it for my youngest who will have many years of fun out of it and did nothing to deserve a broken Wendy house that she's had no chance to play in yet sad

From the searching I've done, I can't see any way of buying replacement connectors online. The plastic is basically sheared off two of them, and despite my best efforts with tape and super glue I have been unable to fix them.

Please please please can anyone help? I will happily pay for replacement connectors. It's just one of the white and one of the blue that I need.

damnyouobama Fri 10-Jun-16 18:57:07

Failing this, if anyone can suggest a way I haven't thought of to fix the plastic connectors that would be much appreciated! Would Duck tape work do you think? I have only tried normal superglue that just didn't bind the plastic at all. Is there special plastic super glue you can get???

hotdog74 Mon 13-Jun-16 15:03:05

Do Hasbro an official UK website? Find the customer service email address and they will probably help you get replacement parts. Maybe try messaging on Facebook if they have a UK based page also.
I had a Fisherprice toy break and found a UK customer service email address and they sent replacement parts for free although you may have to pay as your children actually did something to cause the break.
Good luck!

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