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simple baby rattle

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LongHardStare Tue 24-May-16 20:35:36

Clearly I've spent too much time fussing about this. Who would have thought a small simple light plastic rattle would be an unobtainable dream!

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LongHardStare Sun 22-May-16 14:23:34

Adorable octopuses - on my list for when baby niece is a bit older

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TrainBridge Sun 22-May-16 13:52:38

They also have a charming stripy octopus, but that's a bit heavier.

LongHardStare Sun 22-May-16 13:35:38

How cute TrainBridge!

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TrainBridge Sun 22-May-16 13:12:21

Try the Pebble ones, my dd2 loved this one and it's easy to grip, light and not too loud:

LongHardStare Sun 22-May-16 13:12:06

Thank you NeedACleverNN those are very sweet

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NeedACleverNN Sun 22-May-16 13:10:00

I bought these for my nephew when he was born because they just strap round his wrist


LongHardStare Sun 22-May-16 13:07:16

More pictures of not-quite-right rattles.
1st lot - look perfect, but actually enormous
2nd one - wood not plastic
3rd one - chime rattle but ugly
4th one - not suitable for babies

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LongHardStare Sun 22-May-16 13:01:25

I'm thinking of buying something like this and just hacking the bear off, but maybe that isn't a good idea!

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LongHardStare Sun 22-May-16 13:00:08

Or this chime if it wasn't made of silver

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LongHardStare Sun 22-May-16 12:59:02

Something like this if there weren't three of them attached together, would be perfect

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LongHardStare Sun 22-May-16 12:56:59

I thought it would be easy to buy a small light baby chime or rattle for a soon-to-arrive relative but I can't find one anywhere!

I remember my DS having one simle rattle that was the only toy he could hold and loved for months before other toys came into their own.

Looking online they are all either too big or have loads of stuff hanging off them...

I don't think I'm being hugely fussy, just a small rattle, about the size of a plastic buggy link, with either a couple of small rings or beads on it, or a chime or internal rattle to it.

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