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Trampoline Roofs - Cannot find a compatable one

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united4ever Thu 05-May-16 23:00:12

Hi, bought this trampoline:,default,pd.html

Would like to buy a roof for it. One because it's under a tree, so leaves and bird droppings fall on it. Two because the kids could use it in the rain with a roof. Three because it could also be a bit like a den.

However, seems there isn't one that fits it. It only has four poles which is unusual it seems and a limiting factor.

Any ideas? Was even thinking of improvising with a play parachute like described here:

Lot cheaper as well to just buy a play parachute but again, only 4 poles might not work and would be a waste of money - was thinking I could attach it to the lowest branch of the tree above but it seems unlikely it would be a perfect fit.

Anyone seen anything out there that might work?


united4ever Mon 16-May-16 20:58:14


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