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Mini Scooter - Globber or Mini Micro Deluxe

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OakCat Wed 13-Apr-16 10:56:30

Just looking at buying 3 year old her first scooter. Is there much difference between the Globber and Mini Micro (apart from price)?

Thank you.

MaximumVolume Wed 15-Jun-16 14:36:14

I don't know, but I'm debating the same thing with myself at the moment.

My choice is for a 4th birthday present; he's had a rubbish hand-me-down from a cousin until now...he's really tall and quite muscular so is around/above the weight limit for a Micro Mini so we'd need to go up to the Micro Maxi for him; quite an expense when we're not sure how into scooting he'll be!

The Globber Up weight limit is 50kg so will keep him going for a long time!

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