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Wooden playhouse for garden

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Cassieyellow Fri 18-Mar-16 20:19:42

Hello, does anyone have any thoughts re playhouses? I am doing my research and think I have found the one I'd like to get. My budget is small so I'm looking at the smallest ones. Bit nervous about the job of putting it up, (my husband's job but I am envisaging it being a nightmare) and also heard that it's best to paint it before putting it up... If I haven't got time at the moment to paint it will I regret it?!

Any thoughts gratefully received. I'm looking at the Billyoh mad dash bunny playhouse. (Or whatever it's called!).

BatteryOperatedBoyfriend Fri 18-Mar-16 20:32:34

Try and paint it really well with some kind of exterior gloss type paint. This will seal any small gaps that let the rain in. Our floor has just dried out after a week of no rain. I have now sealed it too with exterior frame sealant.

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