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superoz Mon 18-Jan-16 17:58:05

It's coming up to dd2's 2nd birthday and I want to get a trampoline as she is very active and dd1 (8) will also get mileage out of it.
Our garden is quite big so am thinking a 10ft one will do the job, but where do I get it from? There is a massive difference in price ranging from the cheap ones at Argos, through to Jumpking, Plum and TP. Does anyone have one and would recommend (or not) - is it worth paying the extra for a decent quality one?

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acarter001 Thu 05-May-16 14:02:00

We recently bought a trampoline from Outdoor Toys ( There are loads of different sizes so they are suitable for any sized garden. The Base Jump Trampoline also features a great safety enclosure which prevents the little ones from reaching the poles...but doesn't compromise on the space they can jump around in. Win win!

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