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Can I wash my Monkey? (Toy)

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Munkeh Mon 11-Jan-16 20:09:05

Hello there, couldn't find the answer on the interweb so thought mum(s) know best!

Basically, I have one of those ITV Digital Monkey's but he has been in storage for many years, was just wondering, as his insides are made of part beanbag filling, will he survive if put through the washing machine?

Also, should there be a setting in general for the washing machine when washing soft toys?

Thanking you smile

sleepyhead Mon 11-Jan-16 20:15:11

If the filling is plastic beads/synthetic stuffing then it'll likely be fine if you're careful with the spin, don't wash too hot and air dry thoroughly.

If the stuffing is natural materials (eg kapok stuffing,actual beans etc which probably isn't used these days) then it shouldn't be washed as more likely to go mouldy/stuffing clump together irretrievably.

If not too grubby though it would be safer to just sponge clean the surface.

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