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what sort of bike for 2 3/4 year old

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bebo100 Fri 20-Nov-15 19:51:18


Our coming up to 3 year old is asking for a bike for Christmas. What sort of thing is suitable for this age range? Balance bike? Pedal bike with stabilisers? Or is there something which will do both?
I'd like something which would last a couple of years really...
Thanks for any recommendations / advice

madwomanacrosstheroad Fri 20-Nov-15 20:00:07

Get a decent balance bike. We used to have a wooden "likeabike". It was brilliant and my children proceeded from that straight to pedal bike without stabilisers.

neolara Fri 20-Nov-15 20:05:46

Yes, a balance bike. We also had a likeabike. It was light enough to carry if dcs decided they didn't want to ride. They sped along very quickly and when the time came, sat on a real bike and rode off into the distance without any problems at all.

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