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'Engineering' or Maths type toys for a 7yr old?

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UnGoogleable Fri 06-Nov-15 14:34:21

My 7 yo DN really enjoys maths, and also interested in 'engineering' type things.

He doesn't had a lot of space at home and his parents tend not to do the involved building type projects with him - e.g. he has lots of lego and mechano type things but without help and encouragement he doesn't know what to do with them.

Is there a compact game / toy that could stimulate his need for maths or engineering/building that anyone can recommend?

Just2MoreSeasons Fri 06-Nov-15 14:40:04

Look up Magna-tiles and their cheaper equivalents. I reckon that could fit your brief smile

shouldwestayorshouldwego Fri 06-Nov-15 14:42:44

You need this thread, lots of ideas.

UnGoogleable Fri 06-Nov-15 15:04:59

Ooh thanks both. Those Magna-Tiles look fab!

And loads of great ideas on that thread, thank you!

UnGoogleable Fri 06-Nov-15 15:18:57

Heh just seen that the OP of that thread you linked to should got flamed for daring to want to encourage their child!

In my case, I just know DN loves that sort of stuff and has a real flair for it. Id like to nurture that, he'll get plenty of Spiderman shit from everyone else as well!

shouldwestayorshouldwego Fri 06-Nov-15 19:28:05

I know, aren't we awful for wanting to get stuff that is educational and fun.

upthegardenpath Mon 30-Nov-15 12:57:32

My 7 y.o. is massively into Lego, but freestyle (no sets as such).
Never seen these Magnatiles before and am intrigued, but wondering if they differ significantly from Lego and how others have found them in comparison to Lego. Thanks flowers

insan1tyscartching Mon 30-Nov-15 13:26:34

Ds loved Polydrons when he was about the same age.

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