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Alternative to mini micro scooter?

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frazzled74 Wed 19-Aug-15 00:04:38

I'm looking for a scooter for a 3 year old, I want 3 wheels, no noise , safe and light to carry. She's a tall 3 year old and can already ride her brothers 2 wheeled razor scooter ( but it turns me into a nervous wreck and I wouldn't want to take her to the park on it)

2little2late2change4now Wed 19-Aug-15 04:51:44

ELC ride and glide. We love it

LastAnni Wed 19-Aug-15 05:37:36

How come you don't want a Micro?

frazzled74 Wed 19-Aug-15 09:10:58

I would like a micro but wasn't wanting to spend £60 on a scooter. If the elc one is nearly as good I may go for that.

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