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£70 gift for 3 year old?

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charlieandthechocolatecake Fri 31-Jul-15 00:27:54

ds has just turned 3. he has some birthday money and I was set on buying a mini micro scooter but dp thinks it's too soon. He had a few good points so that's definitely out the window (for now!)

ds isn't very much interested in toys as such. he has loads but would rather make his own games such as making camps etc.

I'm really stuck for ideas but would like to get him something big.

Please help!

notasausage Sun 02-Aug-15 21:31:28

Balance bike
Big farm set (Google my second farm, think it's birchwood toys)
At 3 he should manage a mini micro, my almost 4yr old DD2 gets on better on her sisters micro sprite though - has never got to grips with how to steer the mini. Depends if you have the space for him to use it.

cosmicglittergirl Sun 02-Aug-15 21:34:56

A kitchen?
Something for the garden like a slide or climbing frame?

swimmer4 Mon 03-Aug-15 13:57:30

1. play tent - he can use this in/outdoors as a story tent, a place to line up his teddies and have a snack in!
2. toy work bench
3. play kitchen

then he can incorporate them into his camps he makes

13years ago my Mum bought my son a 'camping kit' for a 3 year old - it was brill with a camp stove that lit up - unfortunately it was from Boots - who no longer stock their lovely toys

But if he's an out doorsy kind of child maybe you can get him a wheelbarrow and miniature garden tools, binoculars, child's golf set???

swimmer4 Mon 03-Aug-15 14:07:14

Sorry - me again - when one of our children was 3, we bought a toy keyboard - it came with a little stall and microphone...... your dp will then wish you'd gone for the microscooter!

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