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Safety issue with MyChild Twizzle Activity Centre?

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BWmum32 Mon 27-Jul-15 10:03:43

Hi there,
I just wanted to flag up an issue I experienced and wondered if anyone else has noticed the same with their MyChild Twizzle Activity Centre?

I received one as a gift following the birth of my son last October, which was delivered to my home address from John Lewis.

When my son turned eight months, we began using the product and at first we were quite happy with it. However, on two separate occasions my son (now 10 months), managed to bounce himself out of the centre and tumble onto the floor. I was of course very distressed the first time this happened, but put it down to a freak accident. When it happened a second time, I felt this was not a safe product.
I contacted MyChild and they weren't interested, simply saying I should go back to John Lewis. It turns out they didn't care much either that my son had been hurt twice, although did refund me the money.
The point I really want to make however is that I feel this product should be investigated. John Lewis say their buying team are looking into it but have given me no assurances I will receive any feedback.
Has anyone had similar issues? Who else can I flag this up with?

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