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Peter Rabbit Plush Toy Leakage

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ItDoesntMatterItsOnlyPaint1 Thu 04-Jun-15 20:22:04

My son has a Peter Rabbit talking plush toy. We have had it for well over a year with no problems. Today he put it down on the table, and Peter Rabbit's head unfortunately landed in a patch of spilt water. Instantly, black ink started seeping out of the fur, causing a bit black puddle on the table and staining the fur, facial features and bag of Peter Rabbit black.

I washed Peter Rabbit's head under the tap (I figured, it's a write-off so why not?!) and more and more black ink keeps coming out. He was put in the puddle of water on his face but, when I left him to dry face-up, black ink has seeped through his head and is coming out through the back of the fur on his head. Is there something made of black ink inside these toys??????

It has stained my sofa, the skin on my hands, my son's clothing as well as other toys and I can't get it out with soap or by washing the clothes/toys in the washing machine!!!

The puddle of water was from a split drink of water, so was only small and very shallow and definitely didn't contain anything black! Is it dangerous?? Has this happened to anyone else?!

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