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Best trampoline brand

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helloitsme Thu 16-Apr-15 22:33:31

Hello. I am trying to buy a trampoline for DD (5) and DS (1). I've read some old Mumsnet threads and googled a bit, but I've got some questions. Lots of people say TP used to be the best brands, but recent reviews on Amazon etc say they are rubbish these days after being bought out by another company. I've had a look at Plum and Jumpking, but not sure really which ones are good and going to last well. Also, is it really worth spending extra? I'm also thinking about round versus oval, if anyone has any comments on that it would be much appreciated too. Thank you!

ALDERLEY Thu 23-Jul-15 18:55:02

My Grandson has just broke n his arm for the second time while using a trampoline, day two of the holidays. Be very careful before you even consider one of those dangerous things.

AGrinWithoutACat Thu 23-Jul-15 19:09:20

We bought a Plum one a few weeks ago as a replacement for the storm damaged one (can't remember the brand) and so far so good

I like the secure way the net is attached on this one as the springs are attached to the mat and then threaded through a hole at the base of the before attaching to the frame

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