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pull along toy dog for 2 year old

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strawberrybubblegum Mon 05-Jan-15 07:23:28

My DD is absolutely crazy about dogs, and always gets very excited when she comes across toy dogs at friends houses - especially pull-along ones, or ones which do something (one friend had a Christmas singing one, although I'm not sure that would do much for my sanity!).

Can anyone recommend a really nice pull-along dog, or else one which is interesting in some other way (for a 2-year-old). She already has a soft jellycat dog, which is her special love-object so probably not another one which is just a soft toy - unless it's really lovely smile

I'd rather it was reasonably realistic looking rather than one of those wooden, stylised ones, since she seems to get more excited about ones which genuinely look like dogs - but doesn't need to be a true breed representation. And soft and fluffy - definately needs to be cuddly!

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