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Balance bike recommendations for son with low muscle tone

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SleepyHead5 Mon 15-Dec-14 14:54:32


I'm new. My middle son (3 in February) has a genetic syndrome and has Global Developmental Delay. He can walk and mastered the Micro scooter with the seat attachment very well, but it is now too small for him.

Whilst he is not ready to progress to the Micro scooter with footplate, we think a balance bike might help him as it will help his core strength and he loves being like his big brother.

I have been looking at the Easyrider or something similar. We have been recommended wooden over metal as they are lighter and more durable (we have a younger son who we hope will take to it later on, too). We also need one with steering restriction so he doesn't jack knife into the hedges!

I have come across the Kiddi moto Kurve, but it is from the age of 3 and as he is very small for his age I fear he won't be big enough for it.

I would really appreciate any recommendations for wooden balance bikes.

Thanks so much.

stargirl1701 Wed 17-Dec-14 19:28:42

Well, I would disagree. Wooden bikes are far heavier than properly designed metal bikes. What about an Islabike? Any bike can become a balance bike by simply taking the pedals off.

Islabikes are made from light aluminium and the brake is designed to be operated by a child.

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