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Leap Frog TV or Wii

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BoysRule Mon 24-Nov-14 14:00:05

We'd like to get an interactive computer game for our two boys (2.5 and 5). They aren't particularly into games at the moment and the oldest has an iPad but doesn't show much interest in playing games - he went to his friends house and played bowling on the xbox though and loved it.

We want to get them a joint present for Christmas and can't decide - do we get a second hand wii from ebay or leap frog tv. We are put off the leap frog tv as he had an innotab a while ago and never used it although I know they are very different. We want something that we can all join in with and gets us moving around.

Which do you think is better?


nannyj Tue 02-Dec-14 19:41:17

I've just ordered a leap TV from amazon on Black Friday and hope it's good. The reviews are good so fingers crossed.

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