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kidsinbednowyay Mon 27-Oct-14 16:36:14

I'm looking to purchase 2 Maxi Micro Scooters and have come across they are selling these at the cheapest price I've seen on the net for £84.99 inc postage.

Has anyone used them?
Anyone know if there a scam or fake ?

kidsinbednowyay Sat 15-Nov-14 16:59:26

I took the risk and ordered from them and I can say that is genuine. I received my Pink Maxi Micro Scooter. No problems whatsoever, they kept me informed and sent tracking details.
Great !!! and even better was the price only £84.99

Just hope this helps anyone.

sildirar Thu 12-Mar-15 13:25:36

Hi, have you checked if the scooters have a valid register number?

This is the best way to understand if it is fake or not.

I would appreciate if you can do this since I am also planning to buy a scooter.


peasizedbladder Sun 15-Mar-15 16:02:21

I ordered from them before Christmas. Payed via PayPal. Several weeks later, still no scooter. Emailed them (no phone number to call them). Eventually had an email sayingPayPal were investigating them for selling fake goods, which they adamantly denied. EVENTUALLY I got my money back, but I was worried that I wouldn't for quite some time.

kidsinbednowyay Mon 16-Mar-15 14:46:59

#sildirar the kids have the scooters with them at school, I will check it later once I've picked them up.

#peasize I remember that they were accused of selling counterfeit products buy a certain company and had there PayPal account frozen and had to cancel lots of orders just before Christmas - It was crappy for people affected by this but to be fair I guess this is not exactly in there control and they did post a message up on there site about this and how to get your money back from PayPal.

I can only comment from my own experience and I have to say that I am more than happy. I've used them twice now.

I will try and register my Scooters later on though and keep you posted as to what happens.

sildirar Mon 16-Mar-15 15:25:06

Hi, we have ordered a micro maxi scooter from and received it in a week. I have registered it via official website so it was not fake. I guess they are buying them from Germany, where micro scooters are cheaper.

Regarding PayPal. Once they also blocked my account since I moved to UK from Germany. They thought that I am someone else trying to use my card in an other country. Nonsense. Then it took ages to convince them. It was not possible to make address change, it was not possible to register a new credit card. I think PayPal is a bit "bulky", if I use the correct word.

kidsinbednowyay Mon 16-Mar-15 20:43:41

Just managed to register both of my Scooters that I got from it just goes to prove that the Scooters they sell are genuine - not that I had any doubts.

Anjelika Tue 17-Mar-15 13:58:24

This is good news as I've just ordered 3 scooters from them! So far I have found the company to be very helpful. When I enquired about when and if they were getting more stock in as I wanted 2 micro sprites but in different colours and they only had black in stock, I got an email straight back asking what colours I wanted so they could reserve them for me as soon as they came in!

thequeenbee2020 Sun 17-May-15 17:00:22

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MandySweetLikeCandy Fri 29-May-15 19:10:24

I have used them in the past and would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone.

Simmyl Fri 03-Jul-15 12:49:23

I have just bought my son a new scooter from this website. I ordered it Wednesday and had it was delivered today! Really good service and this morning I was given a 1 hour delivery slot by the courier. I have registered the scooter with micro scooters so it is clearly a genuine one.

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