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Please help me find board games that I might actually enjoy

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Magicpinkshadow Tue 04-Mar-14 10:24:22

I have never been much of a board game person however I bought my dc (2,5,6,10) labyrinth for Christmas. Finally got round to playing it during the holidays and I must say I'm quite addicted to it. Can any of you recommend any other games that would be easy enough to understand for the dc but also very enjoyable


Artandco Tue 04-Mar-14 10:30:16

Talisman or game of thrones. More difficult but appeals I adults also. Good for 10 year old. Others can grow into it, but great in the eve if just eldest still awake. Figures can be painted also so could be a project for eldest

Ludo is ok for all ages. Youngest can be helped if needed.

Draughts and chess - according to age but 5 and 6 year old can def do draughts, and eldest chess, with 5 and 6 learning


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