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Lizzie11Student Mon 03-Mar-14 13:00:40

Hi everybody!

I was just wondering if anybody uses the Dream Toys list to see what toys are popular and what their children might want for Christmas?

If not, how do you decide on what toys to buy your kids? What are the most important factors to think about?

I would really appreciate your views.


fuzzpig Mon 03-Mar-14 13:12:05

Never heard of the dream toys list!

We don't watch broadcast TV here (just use it for DVDs) so my DCs, 4 and 6, don't generally have any idea of what the 'latest toy' is as they don't see much advertising. Generally I know what the popular trends are because of MN!

The way I decide is by keeping a wishlist year round to add anything I particularly think is good for my DCs. Then when it gets nearer the time I reread it and make decisions.

At the moment, whether something is new/popular or not doesn't even enter my radar when I'm choosing presents, but I know that will change when my DCs get older.

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