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Best toys for 6 week old?

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anotherbitofcake Sat 22-Feb-14 13:44:51

My LO has now become interested in sounds and contrasting colours. I want to get him something that plays different lullabies and read him some high contrast books. Be grateful for recommendations. I'm really not keen on all the plastic stuff so anything soft or wooden etc much better!

minipie Tue 25-Mar-14 15:50:26

Something like this - we had it around DD's changing mat.

If you can dangle a mobile of some sort above the cot/changing mat that is great too. Flensted mobiles look lovely and are v tasteful.

Any kind of baby mirror is a great buy, look out for ones you can prop up as they are great for tummy time.

Lullabies - how about one of those projectors that play a light show and lullabies - v useful for helping wind them down at bedtime when they get older. We have a Tomy Star one. (it's plastic though!)

The plastic is unavoidable as they get older grin

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