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Furby boom personality change

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MaisyMoo123 Sat 28-Dec-13 09:43:13

Hi - hoping someone can offer some furby advice! Dd was thrilled to get one for Christmas and adores it - that was until it woke up yesterday morning transformed from the cute girly character of the first few days into a cockney geezer that keeps burping and demanding cake!!! Now, we know their personalities change depending on how you treat them but she has sat patiently stroking the things head and talking quietly to it for ages (well in excess of the 5 mins a google search suggested would be necessary) but it's still behaving like a trucker!? Anyone know what we're doing wrong? Thanks for reading!

ilovepowerhoop Sat 28-Dec-13 09:49:17

There is another thread with similar issues. Dh found this solution: turn it upside down, push its tongue down with your finger and pull its tail. Hope it works for you

MaisyMoo123 Sat 28-Dec-13 12:27:27

Oooh thanks powerhoop! Off to give that a try now and will try to find the other thread too!

MaisyMoo123 Sat 28-Dec-13 17:37:47

Update, in case anyone's interested - we stroked furby's head and talked gently to it for ages. Nothing. We fed it lots of fruit using the ap. it protested a lot but still nothing. We stood it next to a radio playing classic FM - it danced like a loon for, sang along in a silly deep voice for a bit and then all of a sudden it's eyes started flashing and then it said "me changing" and finally we had the cute furby back again. One very happy dd! Phew!

theonewiththenoisychild Sun 29-Dec-13 12:25:30

feed it underpants using the app and toilet roll and homework and then stroke it my daughters has turned evil this morning fire eyes growling and saying toh toh no like repeatedly. thats how we made it change back

theonewiththenoisychild Sun 29-Dec-13 12:26:46

ooooohh just noticed you played music to furby. do you have disco furby now?

MaisyMoo123 Tue 31-Dec-13 10:13:44

We played it classical music and pretty sure it's turned 'sweetie' rather than disco. We fed it lots of fruit and veg too!

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