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Best Junior trampoline that is actually bouncy?

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painterly Wed 11-Dec-13 21:01:59

We bought a great junior trampoline around 6 years ago which had a rope which you twisted around the frame and also the padding to prevent kids getting feet tangled in said rope.

That trampoine died a death from overuse by larger kids so I tried to replace it, but the one I've got now is rubbish and not bouncy. It's got those funny tabs. So. Am going to buy yet another one and am looking for something like my first one but rubbishly can't remember brand or shop or anything about where I got it! Please help!

painterly Thu 12-Dec-13 18:05:42


beckym8678 Mon 16-Dec-13 21:11:46

Sounds like our Galt one. Elastic rope only fraying now, after 4 years of incessant bouncing...

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