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Climbing Equipment for a 2 year old

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becks130 Tue 22-Oct-13 15:31:12

Hi all,

I have a VERY adventurous 2 year old son who climbs on EVERYTHING! he is my youngest of 3 and none of the others were nearly as adventurous as him. I am looking for some indoor climbing equipment but cant seem to find anything, has anyone got any suggestions as I am at my wits end hmm We have moved furniture around put obstacles in his way but he still manages to get to where he not meant to confused I though if I get some proper equipment he may climb on that instead of the window seals, work tops, draws and back of my sofas ect...

Thanks in advance x

speedys Tue 03-Dec-13 00:32:32

Hi, have just come across ur post thou no one has replied. ..did u come up with any ideas as I have a 2 & half year boy like your s!!

TheZeeTeam Tue 03-Dec-13 00:50:11

Look on Pinterest for very simple climbing wall ideas. We put one in our playroom and then lined that section of the floor with cushions.

Also, if you have a strong 2 year old climber, look at buying the big TPs on Ebay or whatever you do in the UK. I never had our climbing frame on the lowest setting. They could all climb waaaay too well by the time they turned 2!! And, if it's just because they are particularly active, go for a trampoline.

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