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Doll suggestions?

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TinyPenguin Mon 21-Oct-13 20:58:50

I'm looking for a doll for my daughter - ideally one that "does something"
Not interested in one that bottle feeds though - or one that wees! Up to 50cm in size. Perhaps with a soft body but plastic hands & feet so it is easier to dress.
Anyone have any ideas?

Trampoline Thu 24-Oct-13 10:54:27

Hi - I put a similar post on here asking about dolls, but I'm looking for a heavy bodied second doll for my 5yr old. I would recommend the 'my first Annabelle: tickle and touch' doll. When you tickle her toes she giggles, when you touch her mouth she makes kissing noises, and when you just leave her she says a few words. My daughter loved her and is now 5yrs and still does!

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