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Goldieblox -- anyone tried them?

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ladybirdinwaiting Sun 13-Oct-13 18:41:00

I am thinking of getting DD (3.5 yrs) a Goldieblox set for Christmas. She is fascinated by the way things work and wants to "build machines." Have been looking at a lot of construction/gear/mechanical sets for her age group. This is the only one that seems significantly different to what we already have. The reviews on Amazon run the gamut -- some think amazing, some say it's all hype. (The company's founder has lots of recent great press for making toys aimed at getting little girls into engineering, etc.) From looking at the spinning set online, I think it could go either way. Have also looked at the website and there's an option to pre-order the second toy, out this year. It's a parade float for some sort of homecoming princess and looks really simplistic, making me all the more skeptical. Would love to hear from anyone with DDs who have or have used the spinning set. Thx!

MishMoshi Wed 20-Nov-13 12:25:03

Haven't tried them myself but this doean't look promising:

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