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Basic baby gym toys

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Stupid question, but where do i get these from? My friend lent me her baby gym, my baby, erm, ate the toys, and now she needs it back. So i want o buy her some replacement toys. All i can find is fancy lamaze-type ones thatplay tunes or jiggle about, and they're nice, but expensive - i want to get 5 or six and they're esily a fiver each. Cheaper to buy new baby gym! The ones that came with the gym were really simple little things. Think it's Tiny Love. Just a purple horse and some chewy butterflies etc. And i was given another set of basic ones, like a pig that rattled or a sheep wiht a mirror or on or something. Where can i get them?! Nice cheap ones!

HenriettaPye Sun 06-Oct-13 21:56:35

I would just buy a new baby gym tbh!

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