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Smart trike dream - NIGHTMARE!! Dangerous toy

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victoriageorge Sun 18-Aug-13 11:29:32

Hi mums just wanted to warn anyone else out there thinking of buying a smart trike for their littlest - DONT !

We got a smart trike dream for my 1 year old and he and his friends have fallen over and out of it a couple of times very badly and as a result I have for rid of it.

The bike is very light and as a result is very unsturdy and wobbles and as soon as a child leans slightly to one side it tips and falls over!

Even with the parent handle on top and in use it is very wobbly and has almost tipped over with me pushing him on pavement.

Especially dangerous when any kind of speed is picked up and then the child leans or doesn't steer well (of course all little ones are bad as steering so its a constant worry) as tips right up!

Look for a better heavier bike with weight to it and please don't risk putting your baby in this stupid toy as it will end in tears. I still feel sick at the memory of my little boy falling out and smashing his little head on the floor but I'm just glad it wasn't outside on pavement or close to a road where it could have been worse. I am sure u will see what I mean if u test In shop. By the way this is the 4in 1 dream model "smart trike" I don't know if other models are maybe stronger... Worst £100 ever spent!

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