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Which Dolls House?

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Tw1nkle Sat 10-Aug-13 12:04:57

Hi, my DD (4.9), would like a dolls house for her birthday.

I have no idea what to get - we don't have that much room for one.
I was thinking playmobil, but she might be a little old now?
Barbie - maybe too big?
Sylvanian Families - bit pricey!

Any advice appreciated!
It would be nice if it was still right for her age for a few more years.

janx Sat 10-Aug-13 18:37:08

I have a pintoy one which is nice - good quality - with lots of accessories. Am about to put it on eBay - if you are interested please pm me

NoComet Sat 10-Aug-13 18:45:50

Playmobil, my 12y still has a sneaky play with her playmobil when she thinks no one is looking.

We have a wooden dolls house, but all the access arise and figures have been ousted by the much more detailed Playmobil furniture, people and accessories.

It's been a house, school and hospital and at the moment it's a gymnasium, thanks to some Olympic figures.

The variety of playmobil is incredible, we have the above plus a plane and lots of vehicles so people go on holiday, in ambulances and off in a camper van.

It's sorted DD2s birthday, Christmas and pocket money spending for years.

PearlyWhites Sat 10-Aug-13 19:31:20

Fisher price loving family, discontinued but lots on eBay

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