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which playmobil for 3yo boy?

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omama Wed 31-Jul-13 22:15:46

DS's 3rd birthday in a few weeks & he LOVES playsets with little figures & accessories. He's seen the playmobil swimming pool set in a shop & was quite taken with it but am not sure if he's still a bit young for that kind of toy given all the small parts. Age guidance is 4yrs+. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't try to eat the bits but not sure if he'd struggle to manipulate them. Thoughts?

Any recommendations as to good playsets for his age?

littleoaktree Wed 31-Jul-13 23:49:45

Ds1 got given a playmobil set when he was 3 and tbh he didn't really play with it much until he was nearer 4 as the bits are pretty fiddly and he got frustrated with it. He loves his playmobil sets now though (4.5y). I would save the playmobil til he's a bit older.

Depending on how much you want to spend my dc have this though I got it an awful lot cheaper on a special deal and they both love it (1.5 & 4.5). Or a farmyard set?

hardbeingme Thu 01-Aug-13 00:07:37

dd (5) got a playmobil stable and horse box for her birthday and her almost 4 yo brother has played with it more that her! but i wasn't suprised he loves farms and anything with wheels so in his case it would be easy.

she also got a barbie playset with a pool and both boys (twins) like the pool so much (the octonauts have moved in) i have bought the playmobil swimming pool set to put up for september. i found some really nice manta ray sets on the playmobil website too - they really like sea creatures at the mo'.

what is your son interested in? playmobil seems to do everything! i also really like imaginext; they don't play nicely all the time and playmobil is a bit more easily broken (although luckily fixable) than the fisher price stuff.

hardbeingme Thu 01-Aug-13 00:13:57

oh sorry just saw its his 3rd birthday, i would probably take out the smaller bits before giving it to him or save it for a toy that he only plays with when your supervising as oppose to it going in the toy box. the 123 stuff is great we still play with the zoo animals.

SoMuchToBits Thu 01-Aug-13 00:22:12

Vehicles are good for that age, so maybe fire engine, police car, that sort of thing.

DTisMYdoctor Thu 01-Aug-13 13:22:16

DS started getting playmobil from his 3rd birthday - he was never the type to put things in his mouth though. He's always been a big fan of little people type sets.

I'd recommend the children's zoo as there are not too many tiny bits (compared to other sets). He also had the playmobil dolphin basin, but given the price of it on amazon just now, I suspect that's been discontinued. It was around £40 when we got it.

MaisyMoo123 Thu 01-Aug-13 23:09:03

Playmobil 123 is great for younger ones - it's a bit chunkier and doesn't have all the teeny tiny fiddly bits that the regular sets have -

My ds had the zoo for his 3rd birthday and has played with it loads! He's 4.5 now and still gets it out, though the pirate ship is now more popular - and what a lot of tiny bits that comes with!!! - cutlasses and miniature treasure everywhere!!

omama Sun 04-Aug-13 20:59:48

Thanks for the input everyone. I think we're going to risk it & get some. Have decided on the fire engine rather than the pool set as its got fewer teensy pieces. If he likes it then we'll prob get something more fiddly at Christmas when he is that bit older.

hardbeingme - you'll have to give me an update on how they all like the playmobil pool set - I'd love to get it (probably more for me than ds wink)

grabaspoon Sun 04-Aug-13 21:01:31

We started with the ambulance then added airplane police car firengine pirate ship and speed boat

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