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Which knights for wooden castle?

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Doitnicelyplease Thu 04-Jul-13 02:08:32

I have traded DD1's dollhouse for the Melissa and Doug folding castle and I am really stuck about which knights/princesses/dragon figures to get.

Was getting Playmobil - which are fairly affordable for the figures, but I am worried that all the accessories will just get lost (or eaten by DD2 who is 12 months). DD got some Playmobil last Christmas and wasn't that into it, but she does like the figures. I like the fact they are movable.

But now I am more drawn to the Papo figures, DD's most played with toys are probably her Schleich dinos/animals. I like the fact that nothing can get lost and they are more detailed/realistic, but not sure I like the fact they are stuck in a pose.

Any recommendations?


stargirl1701 Sat 13-Jul-13 18:13:36


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