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The Perils of Face Paints

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gourd Tue 02-Jul-13 14:24:16

How much does it matter that most face paints have lead and other metals in them? Possibly I’m being precious. I know that levels must be considered low enough for them to be liscenced, but still find it a bit worrying as you put them over nose, mouth and near your eyes. Obviously infrequent exposure (at fairs/on days out etc) isn’t going to build up to dangerous levels but what about near daily use if you buy them for use at home and your child really likes using them? I find the idea a bit daunting and worry about general allergy problems too as she does seem have fairly sensitive skin, but I also know our child would adore face painting. I can find extremely expensive organic face paints on line that don’t have lead, cobalt or nickel in them. I have seen recipes for home-made face paints using fat, cornflour, a little water and a drop of food colouring, but they sound greasy, thick and messy to make and use. Are commercial non-lead face paints going to be any better/easier to apply/take off than homemade ones or any less greasy? If not, I might as well go down that route and make my own (child will probably love making them anyway, as she loves stirring mixtures), but thought I’d check here first to see if anyone else has any thoughts or experience on this.. I'm sure this will have been done to death already but fresh input welcome. Thanks.

TrinityRhino Tue 02-Jul-13 14:26:59

would they really have lead in them?


the ones I have say they are totally non toxic

gourd Tue 02-Jul-13 14:59:05

I think they all do unless it specifically says so. Non toxic only mewans they contain low enough levels to have been liscenced in the UK as safe for external use I guess. Snazaroo certainly contain lead - itls tiny amount, I read something saying it's less than whats in soil but you dont usually smea soil on yoyur fcae.. Most have talc in. Most seem to have nickel in too which is well known as being an irritant or allergen for some people's skin. Some have cobalt in and some have zinc in (in most deoderants) which still isnt great for toddlers skin.

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