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Trike/ride on/wheely thing for 1st birthday

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johnJeffreys Wed 03-Jul-13 13:27:04

My daughter adored the pintoy wooden trike at that age. Initially she used it as a push-along toy before being brave enough to ride it! At forty quid or so it's more expensive than the plastic equivalents but will last longer.

pinkpanther79 Mon 24-Jun-13 11:00:08

We got a scuttlebug from grandparents for first birthday. It folds up easily and they sit on it and push it along. DD likes it (18 months now). It had good reviews others too.
Her current favourite thing is a plastic egg shaped spinning chair from IKEA. 45 pounds but it should last lots of older children were playing with it in the shop.

panpipe Mon 24-Jun-13 10:51:44

PFB will be 1 at the beginning of August and the Great Grandparent Outgifting Battle is well underway!

Personally I don't think DD will be bothered by what she has; she won't really know what's going on so presents from us will more than likely be books or clothes or whatever I spot at the NCT sale next weekend.

I mentioned a smart trike to the in-laws a while back, but now I'm looking into it a little more there are some very mixed reviews! Those with older children, what would you recommend along similar lines? Is it worth getting a smart trike now, or would it just be a glorified pram and we'd be better getting a ride-on or similar now and a normal trike/balance bike when she's a little older? It's all a bit of a mystery to me! DD is nearly 11mo (though I'm sure you worked that out!) and starting to take a few steps holding on and pushing her little truck that we've borrowed from our neighbours.


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