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3 year old birthday ideas - octonauts/laptop/easel recommendatations PLEASE!!!

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hurricanemum Sat 11-May-13 17:20:14

I have a DD who is turning 3. What would people recommend as good pressies? She loves Octonauts and she's not really a girly girl (although she likes fairies). She's got a scooter and a balance bike already. Am thinking maybe a toy laptop type thing as she always plays with one at a friend's house (which is best???). Her Great Grandma wants to buy her an easel so am interested in thoughts on those as they are expensive and I don't want to get one that is missing something that would be useful - you know, the sort of thing that when you've got something you think 'ooh I wish it had xyz'
Anyone have any other good ideas? Have been meaning to post for weeks but with new DD haven't had chance. Only have until next weekend to sort!!!
I was going to get her a lovely dolls' house but have decided to save this until DD2 can appreciate as well and get as a joint pressie. Otherwise DD1 is going to have everything!!!

Ooh and Octonauts - any good recommendations on Octonauts toys???

sleepyhead Sat 11-May-13 18:00:58

Ds (6) still plays with his Octonauts character toys which he started getting around your DDs age so they've been a winner for us.

You can take all the characters and GUPs into the bath, which makes sense for underwater adventures!

The Octopod playset doesn't go in the bath as it's got stickers on it and, although it's been well played with, I'd say the individual figures and GUP vehicles have been the better buy.

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