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Bed buddies?

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MultipleMama Sun 05-May-13 11:38:58

Dts are nearly 8mo old and we're getting ready to move them into seperate cots as they're getting too big share. They've never slept a part only during naps in pushchair and bouncers during the day.

They have to be close and touching to be able to put down. They shared a co-sleeper and currently 1 cot swaddled.

I'm wanting something for touch and comfort but also makes white noise as close to breathing noise as possible to ease the transition.

We tried separating them countless times without anything and even with something that smells of other twin but they refused to settle and wail - loudly.

Any tips and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Ps sorry for any mistakes - typing on my phone.

GleamingHeels Sun 05-May-13 21:52:22

Do you actually want to separate them, or is it the space in a single cot that's the issue? If the latter, could you somehow join two three-sided cots together securely? Guess you could have all sorts of mattress problems though...

MultipleMama Sun 05-May-13 22:35:52

Space is the main reason but we're hoping to move them into nursery - cots are placed in an L shape. They also wake and tandem feed which we're hoping to slow night feeds by letting them sleep longer which I hope will happen if they're not waking each other up.

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