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Maxi Micro for 4yo that has learnt to steer a normal scooter?

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rubadubduba Thu 02-May-13 11:17:36

I'm looking for a scooter for my dd who turned 4 in March. I bought her th Ozzbozz My First Scooter for her second birthday as she was desperate for one at the time and it was the only one that seemed suitable for 2+ if only I knew about the wonders of a micro scooter then

It's ok pants really she's using it as a 3 wheeler now. She's learnt how to steer instead of jumping off and can go quite fast. It's a bit rickety now and having 2 wheels at the back seems to be causing problems. (It can be changed to 2 wheels but I can't find the screws I need and I don't think it would last long either.)

So I'm not sure whether to buy her a Maxi Micro (not bothered about the price as it's a late birthday present/birthday money buy and I want it to last) Now she can steer would she find it difficult to get the hang of a Micro? Or can anyone recommend a decent scooter suitable for a 4yo, most seem for slightly older children.

WowOoo Thu 02-May-13 11:23:03

My nearly 4 yr old can't use his big brothers' Maxi Micro yet.

I think he'd probably be able to in a year or so, but it's still tricky and too tall even with handlebars at lowest setting.
He's a tall 3 yr old too.
He has the mini micro and loves it and I imagine it will last a while yet.

I have the pamphlet somewhere that gives recommendations for age and scooter type.. Measure her and look online?

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