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TMNT Secret Sewer Lair Playset.

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Mlonie08 Sat 01-Jun-13 09:00:02

Do not part with your money for this playset. We have only had the item for three weeks and 5 parts are broken. Our sone is four and a half thus supposibly at the right age to play with this toy. I have just written an angry email to Play Mates Toys informing them of my disgust for this item. It is NOT worth the money, even when you do get all the parts.

CrazyBabyLady Fri 15-Mar-13 13:35:36

My friend bought her son a TMNT playset for his birthday. The playset has missing cardboard backgrounds which are displayed on the front of the box.

Does anyone know if there actually supposed to come with it and if so should I just go to Smyths and have them take them out of another box?

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