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Desperately needed Jellycat Pippin Bunny

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Ej7816 Fri 28-Dec-12 18:53:53

Hi there, my friends little boy desperately needs a Jellycat Pippin Bunny & sadly they've been discontinued :-( he got his first Pippin when he was just days old having surgery for bladder dystrophy at Great Ormond Street. He's looking rather tatty now after nearly 2yrs as he takes him everywhere & refuses to sleep without him. His next surgery is scheduled shortly & I really wanted to find him another special pal 'just in case' he should go missing / get dirty & need a bath! Weve searched everywhere, Amazon, ebay, jellycat themselves, parsley pot, discontinued toy sites etc. If anyone can help I'd be eternally greatful, perhaps you have a spare or one needing a new home? I have a picture to match him up if need be, but he's cream with a brown nose & eyes (stitched) with medium length ears (not bashful).
Many thanks in advance xxx

Rosa Fri 28-Dec-12 19:02:35

I ended up emailing every shop I could to see if they had one is stock - It was another bunny ( not pippin). In the end I found one in Ireland - but I ended up with 3 different sizes as I guessed the size wrong ! DOn't give up somebody will find you one!

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