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Jd bug vs micro sprite

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mumove Sat 10-Nov-12 07:34:43

Planning on getting my (tall) 5 year old son a 2 wheeled scooter for Christmas. can't decide between jd bug or micro sprite models. Both have mainly positive reviews online. Only want to spend about £50. also not sure which jd bug classic would be best. know they are all for age 5+ and that classic has 4" wheels, the classic 1 &.4 have 5" wheels and classic 2&3 have 6" wheels, but which would be best? he's new to scooting but has been great on his balance bike in the past so am sure he'll be fine.
Any words of wisdom from anyone? Anyone got any good or bad experiences with either? HELP - which should I buy?

sternfish Tue 27-Nov-12 18:08:00

I was just looking for some advice on the jd bug classic scooters and found your query. Have you found out any more info. All I know is that neither jd bugs or sprite is a trick scooter. But what's the difference indeed especially all the bugs... puzzled

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